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Equipment Design / Construction

Quality Management


Over many years, we have proved our strengths not only in upgrading, machining, and assembly. Our customers are equally convinced of our expertise in the identification, assessment, and stocking of old and upgraded parts. We upgrade old parts, place them in storage, and ship them on demand to our customers or their clients.


Custom services for industrial customers, specifically,

  • (Pre)production
  • Assembly
  • (Intermediate) storage
  • Repacking and packaging
  • Experts for visual inspections, sorting, rework, and tests on damaged goods
  • Tilting installation for sorting out bulk goods from skeleton containers

Backed by our internal equipment construction and toolmaking division, we can address the precise, specific needs of our customers. Ultra modern CAD systems are used to generate reproducible machining specifications for our onsite turning and milling centres.

Expertise / Technical Equipment

  • CAD designs as 2D and 3D models
  • CNC milling centres
  • CNC and conventional lathes
  • Surface grinding machine
  • Parting machine

Benefits / Advantages

  • High system availability
  • High tool and system quality levels
  • Fast response in change management
  • Own production/testing systems and tools for effective implementation of new products

Our integrated quality management system complies with the international automotive industry standards. All our endeavours in all fields are geared to continuous improvement targeting “zero defects”. The focus at all times is on the needs of our customers.

Sound advance quality planning serves to eliminate potential, subsequent challenges to the product’s realisation.


  • Continuous inline quality monitoring and optimisation 
  • Machine capability analyses
  • Management manual and procedures generated and maintained in compliance with IATF TS 16949, including quality documents and regulations (FMEA, product control plan, work instructions, etc.)
  • Testing equipment management safeguarded and developed
  • Complaints management coordinated and implemented (8D report)
  • Initial sample inspection reports (ISIRs) generated according to automotive standards
  • Product audits planned, performed, and monitored
  • Process and system audits
  • Requalification testing on our products

Technical Equipment

  • 3D coordinate measuring system
  • PLC software and statistics tools for analyses
  • System supported software for monitoring testing equipment
  • CAQ software

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