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In February 1965, four founders set up the new limited partnership Alfred Neurath & Co. KG. We specialised in the upgrading of clutches and clutch discs for motorcars, tractors, and commercial vehicles.

Production first commenced on 60 m² and grew over the years to more than 1900 m².  On the 1970 payroll were as many as 50 workers, which increased in the following seven years by another 25.

In 1974, LuK Bühl purchased the first shares in the Unna location.

In 1977, Alfred Neurath & Co. KG became KUL Kupplungsbau GmbH & Co. KG. The number of workers grew continually to nearly 125.

Since 1982 the company, then LuK Lamellen und Kupplungsbau, had been owned completely by the LuK corporate group, which was later integrated in the Schaeffler Group. Since this time, we also constantly developed our business unit for the remanufacturing of clutches and clutch discs. Our production portfolio covered components for over 4000 vehicle types.

In February 2020, we regained our independence with 100 personnel and are now operating as a production services provider for our former employer. We look forward to tapping into new business fields, aided by our old virtues including delivery to schedule, reliability, OE quality awareness, and a high level of staff dedication.

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Our Vision

After many years of success as a Schaeffler Group member, we are now operating under a new name with the intention of maintaining and consolidating our position as a top level partner on the automotive aftermarket. We are ready to tap into new business fields and embark on new ways.

Our Mission

Out of conviction we utilise remanufacturing as a qualified alternative to the production of new parts.

Our employees constitute a pillar of our expertise in reliable, resource friendly processes for the introduction of vehicle components to their second lifecycle: our contribution to sustainability.

Our business success testifies to our responsibilities with respect to our personnel, their families, and our customers.

Our Values

We see ourselves as a company geared to values. We understand our social and ecological responsibilities to be the foundation on which we attain our strategic and economic objectives.


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